Kitt Peak TT 9-19-10

Excellent day at Kitt.  I’m finding my climbing rhythm again after missing it for a year or so.  Many ascents help.  I’m not fast but it feels great.

Gus blasted by me at about mp9, dude’s a stud with a chickey fan club.  Desert Foxes baby!

Some day the whole team will eat a purple pickled egg out of Elliot’s used Chinese takeout box with mashed cabbage burrito in it or whatever the hell that was.

The look on Gus’ face when he got a whiff was priceless.

Graham awaits.   –Leo

From Rick E.

“I think I’m finally burned out.  This was my worst hill climb ever!  I repeatedly had to get my speed up to 10-11 and then after a while I’d realize the pain was gone and look at the computer which now read 8.”  – highlights seemed to be on the downhill for Rick.  We need a downhill TT!

From Doug P.

Just wish my time was only 3-4 minutes slower than last year! It was 10 minutes slower!! Think it was a combination of the wind, not being use to this altitude (came back late Wednesday night from sea level PA), not use to climbing mountains (PA has lots of hills, but no mountains), and probably most important .. not use to working that hard! Time for me to get in shape!

From the wolf dressed in sheep clothing, aka Elijet – “…day of pain and wind”


Rick, Doug, Leo and Gus were out today for the team, Elliot in his cheezy new red/white/blue outfit that Rick pointed out as, “uuhhhhh…not quite as good, Elliot.”
Nasty head wind, slower times, pain, and Leo’s beet purple pickled eggs to top it off post race.
The times were about 3-4 minutes slower than last year (David Glick won at about 54 mins, Darien 54mins 14 secs, and i had about 1:04 – 1:05, which without wind beat last years time (of about 1:02) I belive by a little.  Nathan Franke (5th or so in 3’s state RR this year) was my marked man, but he got around 1:02, bummer, so I’m gonna have to have some EPO eggs to beat him, and John Cavner (57 today!) in AZ State Hill climb, which I’m feeling is going to be harder than I’ve lead myself to believe…

AZ State TT Championship

AZ TT Championship report by former Aggressor Vic Riquelme and new AZ state TT champ.

Is that a fricking milk crate podium? Ghetto!

The Arizona City TT Course was the stage for this years Arizona State Individual Time Trial Championship. The course was a 40 kilometer out and back, with a healthy dose of false flat and crosswinds. I had local Cat.2 TT strongman Dave Swanson(Taser/Kenda), who I considered the man to beat, starting only 60 seconds ahead of me. I knew that if I could take time from him on the outbound cross-headwind leg and get him in sight, that I would have a chance to match his speed, which was a big threat. I did the first 20k very fast, and was pushing a HUGE gear (54×12) up the false flat, with a headwind. I saw Swanson coming the other way after the turnaround, and I knew from the split time that I had taken at least 20 seconds out of him. I was able to see him for the rest of the race, and I focused on his silhouette on the horizon. I managed to keep him in sight all the way to the finish, and I knew I had won. I was 1st in the Pro/1 race with a time of 52:49, and was the 1st placed Arizona man over all in the 40k discipline. Dave Swanson(Taser/Kenda) won the Cat.2 race and was around 40 seconds behind me. David Glick(RideClean) and Nicholaus Schreiber(Landis/Trek) filled out the Cat.1 podium.

I won, bitches!

Rick E. took third and rounded out the podium in his category.  Congrats!

Hillside RR 8-22-10

Report by Rick E.

This was a tough race.  The 50/60 guys rode as a combined field, as usual; perhaps 10-11 total.  The initial (mostly) downhill rip was civilized; old guys are a bit more patient.  Then there were rollers and the uphill attacks began in earnest.  Shortly before the turn from highway 96 to 97 the peloton fractured on a longish uphill and I ended up with 2 big Landis/Trek guys that I could pull away from on the uphills but they re-acquired me on the following downhills.  After a while I gave up and stayed on their wheel.  Approaching the turnaround, I saw Bob Pongratz first with one of my competitors (Jim Morehouse from Las Vegas) shortly behind him.  Just before the turnaround I saw Ralph Duckett going the other way and at the turn, figured he was about 2 minutes ahead of me.  I saw the 4th place guy in my group about 3 minutes later coming toward the turn after I and the Landis riders had already rounded it.  At that point I knew the race was set, barring catastrophe.  I stayed with the Landis guys until the real uphills began about 7-8 miles from the finish, and then rode away from them to finish 3rd.  I was a little disappointed, having kind of hoped to finish 2nd, but the unknown rider from Vegas (Morehouse) was strong, finishing 2nd in the combined group right behind Pongratz.

Report by Elijet (edited by Kurt)

Jim, pistols for 12th in definite style; that sh*t was hard.  Your face looked puffy and red, I know from the 4’s that Jim worked hard with Echelon and Landis a lot.  Leo and Jeremy: great job.  I enjoyed watching my competitors get annoyed and spend some energy catching Jeremy on the massive initial descent as he flew away many times.

As usual, I was worried about the shorter hard power climbs, especially when the other strong riders were drilling the tempo on the penultimate climb.  As I got dropped off the back at that point, the group of 22 went down to 10 quickly with me fading back in 11th.  I knew I had to stay calm and tempo myself and so, I finished in 7th.  The end was exciting though… this dude and another Bike Haus guy were all trying to claw our way back; we work together for not very long, before I dropped the Bike Haus guy, then slowly dropped the other rider, caught Matt P. from Eschelon and Troy Burns.

The point being, had I known those rollers were the final rollers, I would have definitely TT and stayed away from the yellow guy with my lead.  But, he was right there with me at the 1k mark and I was determined to win the sprint… With 1K to go, I was drafting, then he was drafting and then he slowed down and I wasn’t into that. I swerved and slammed on the brakes and forced him ahead, got on his wheel and we were side by side for the last 200m.  He drifted into my draft and popped back out in the last 30 meters and was gaining fast, looking to win, BUT then ELJET did with the most extreme, ridiculous bike throw ever, and the only one that I’ve ever used – it was so sweet & won by inches to clench 7th (sounds like a clencher indeed- had to leave that one:).

View from the front – The Gladiator – Vic

Different course….same result! booyah!

I attacked the main field halfway up the final climb and bridged across to a small break that had a 45 second gap. I left them behind a mile from the summit and rode solo to the finish. Watch out bitches; I’m a climber now!

Flagstaff Omnium

Rick took the overall for his Category at the Omnium!  Congrats!  Next round of beers at the Barrio is on him.

Report by Eljet

It was intense and great this weekend; Cat1-3 together for all 3 stages – the Snowbowl Hill climb was 6 miles up like Lemmon (got about 21st of 28 cat 3’s), the 1.8 mile loop circuit race (15 laps) that same Sat. evening was flat and fast as hell with multiple attacks from the cat 1’s against each other (which I amazingly was able to hang with till the end).  One of those was a counter attack from Justin for Vic that stayed away.   Two Bike Haus riders joined Justin, then another no-name and the four kept it away and J-bird won for Tri-sports!  In this circuit race the pace was quick and it was windy and multiple cat 3’s couldn’t cut it (I finished at the back of the peleton lead group, but didn’t know how many 3’s were there.)  The RR was a fast initial descent, a couple power hills before the turn around that nearly left me solo for the last 37 miles, but I stayed with the group till the incline started to increase about 15 miles from the finish.  The real climbing started 12 miles from the end, which was when my body decided it was totally wasted and I crawled to the end in a very jello-like fashion, but still finished and got the desired 15 points given for just finishing all 3 stages.

It was great to see Jim and Leo and Rick out there, Leo in the 3’s had a tough time, and some fitting issues for stage one hill climb, but did great stage 2 out sprinting me and hung in tough for the RR.  It was also pretty exciting to watch Jim the beast in the circuit race in 4’s going crazy off the front in lap 9 of 10 pulling those mothers back.

Report by Rick E.

We enjoyed a great race weekend in the cool piney woods of the Flagstaff region.  All in all pretty good weather; 30s-40s in the mornings, 60s by midday.

There were 3 races in an Omnium format: (1) the Snowbowl Hill Climb, (2) Foxboro Circuit Race, and (3) Wupatki Road Race

There were four guys in my age class including Herb Johnson, who came over from San Diego to spoil my sweep of the event by abusing me in the hillclimb; Oh well!  In the circuit race Saturday afternoon I got dropped from the combined Masters peloton at the end of lap1 when GST went off the front and the peloton tried for awhile to hang with them and eventually failed.  However, the pace was fast enough that I couldn’t hang but fortunately my competitors fell off sooner and I was able to hide for awhile behind a couple of the other riders that got dropped about when I did. Eventually I got lapped by 2 pairs of GST riders who would be the first 4 riders over the finish line.  The Wupatki road race on Sunday was a GREAT RR; I loved it.  I felt good and was able to hang with the combined Masters peloton all the way out and most of the way back up the hill to Sunset crater.  The peloton did sort of fracture into pieces at that point but I was able to hang with my small group to the finish.  I would rate this as one of my better efforts to date; I was literally miles ahead of my competitors at the finish.

My final tally for this event was 3 firsts and 1 second.

Signal Peak Challenge (Pinos Altos, NM)

Race Report by Beto Villegas


Strong field showed up for this one with some good representation from AZ.  The SS division fielded several Pros from Texas and New Mexico.  The race start was insane with 2000 ft of climbing the first 5 mile.  I was positioned in the 4th spot until I was able to make a break toward the top of the first major climb.  The summit trail consisted of 2 miles of power rollers and huge embedded rocks that were momentum killers, which suited me well.  Once I connected with the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) it was mostly fast twisty downhill for the next 10 miles.  I chased on the next climb but failed to reconnect with the leaders.  David Wilson was traveling home from a two and half month racing tour in the rocky mountain state, so I knew he was in great form.  To my surprise he finished 2nd and 5 minutes behind his hometown rival who set a new course record.  I finished 3rd and a little over 3 minutes behind Wilson.  My finish put some cash in my pocket and beat my best time by 3 minutes.

Thunder Road TT 5-30-10

Three Aggressors (Rick, Gus, Neil) represented at the Thunder Road TT quite credibly.

Gus won Cat 5 and Neil finished 3rd in the Cat 1-3 combo behind Vic and winner Paul Thomas.  Rick won by default, but had a solid time nonetheless.

  • Mission

    Aggress is a Tucson-based statewide / regional cycling team formed in January, 2004.
    As a developmental team for both road and mountain bike racing, Aggress continues to actively – yet carefully – recruit according to a philosophy that emphasizes teamwork in both training and racing tactics.
    Our focus is to race as a team, utilizing team tactics to get our man the win. We ride in support of our designated racer, with each member in turn supported in the key event(s) of his choosing.
    We are aggressive when we race, but we behave in a courteous and sportsmanlike manner at all times. We also have team training rides that we utilize throughout the season.