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Avondale CRIT

Got up Avondale today, got three races in, each one of them a completely different result.  First up was masters 35 plus, got there in plenty of time, got my number pinned, got my shit together, and got on my trainer.  Spent about 40 minutes on my trainer, got the shit that I got together on and on my bike, and was off. just like I wanted, only the race didn’t go like I wanted.  Despite spending 40 minutes warming up, I was not prepared for the race.  I ended up DNFing after I blew up in the middle of an effort .  This part of the racing, warming up and getting ready, has always been the bane of my crit racing.  I contemplated running over my bike as I backed up and sped South back to Tucson, but I eventually cooled off, rested up and got ready for the next race, the 2 / 3’s.  It was a pretty big field and I got a good start, rode hard, and was able to get about 15th, which doesn’t sound like much, but I was pretty happy with it. last up was the 3 /4 race.  Got a good start, rode hard, stayed fast, and was making my jump on the last lap, & I crashed.  I’m fine, got back up, finished the race, although it had finished long before.  Overall quite happy with the last two races, minus the crash.  Going to keep working on my warm up.  I’ve already started working Trainer workouts into my regular routine,so I’m comfortable on it warming up.

There was a big crash in front of me, by the way, I didn’t just crash by myself like a jerk or anything.

-Mike M.


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  • Mission

    Aggress is a Tucson-based statewide / regional cycling team formed in January, 2004.
    As a developmental team for both road and mountain bike racing, Aggress continues to actively – yet carefully – recruit according to a philosophy that emphasizes teamwork in both training and racing tactics.
    Our focus is to race as a team, utilizing team tactics to get our man the win. We ride in support of our designated racer, with each member in turn supported in the key event(s) of his choosing.
    We are aggressive when we race, but we behave in a courteous and sportsmanlike manner at all times. We also have team training rides that we utilize throughout the season.