Race Against Time, 30K TT : Team Aggress!

Race Against Time, 30K TT

Post by Doug Perry:  The Perrys get two podium finishes for Team Aggress!

Not a major event on the calendar, but for my group, Masters M60+, it brought out the two strongest riders in our category: Reg Dowdall and Phil Holman. These two guys were on the podium last year for all the State Championships. So, going in I was pretty much looking at third place being the best I could possibly get. However, signing up, I saw Glenn Harris and, knowing that I had never beat him in a TT, things weren’t looking too good.

The headwinds were pretty strong going out … and, on the way back, why does it always seem that what should be a tailwind, turns into a crosswind …? Of course, on this TT, there is climbing of about 100 feet per mile going out as well … made for an interesting day!

I set a personal goal, based on the few earlier TT’s that I’ve done, of finishing in under 50 minutes. I achieved my goal … by one second – 49:59! I also got third place and that was pretty cool, too! Finishing just 3 minutes behind Phil Holman made me feel good too … I know that’s a whole lot in a TT, but considering how new I am to the world of TT’s I’m good with that time.

Liz did great … capturing a second place in the Masters F55+. Before the race, we discussed her goals and based on the fact that she had no aero equipment at all (no aero helmet, skin suit, booties, aero bars, or aero bike) and that this was her second TT ever, we felt anything under one hour five minutes would be great. She finished in 59:58! A great accomplishment!



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  • Mission

    Aggress is a Tucson-based statewide / regional cycling team formed in January, 2004.
    As a developmental team for both road and mountain bike racing, Aggress continues to actively – yet carefully – recruit according to a philosophy that emphasizes teamwork in both training and racing tactics.
    Our focus is to race as a team, utilizing team tactics to get our man the win. We ride in support of our designated racer, with each member in turn supported in the key event(s) of his choosing.
    We are aggressive when we race, but we behave in a courteous and sportsmanlike manner at all times. We also have team training rides that we utilize throughout the season.