State Time Trial Champion!


This all started after the Cochise County Classic, Kurt had just taken 2nd place in a great sprint finish. We had known each other from competing for sprints on the Shootout.
He invited me that day to come to a team party and see what Aggress is all about. I had been impressed by Kurt’s and Rich Hornes selfless acts while riding and competing against them. I admired their drive and ambition in the sport. I decided to check it out.
I showed up at Kurt’s home and was warmly greeted by all. Great group of extremely different folks. That night they were celebrating their TTT state Championship amongst other accomplishment of 2012. Gus was excited and had an infectious pride in this team. I was hooked, I knew I wanted to contribute to this team.
I went home and started planning for 2013. Knowing I needed to upgrade so I could race with most of the team in cat3. Wanting a State Championship jersey.
It’s been quite a year with more races then the last five combined and there’s still two more to go. Every member of this team has been awesome. Encouraging in my failures and successes. Even when I hit a cone on my first TT ever and went down at the finish line. You didn’t laugh too hard.
Fast forward to the ITT state Championship-
Four Aggressors competed in this pain fest. Rich, Rick and Gus have been regulars in the sickness we call time trials. This one started out great with my son Brenden coming with me to support the team and get us some great pictures.
This was the most cyclist I’ve seen at a TT. We got ourselves a great spot for the pop-up and I felt like I had a great stress free warm up. I came off the trainer filled with nervous anxiety. Super stoked to get this going.
I pull up to the starting line checking out all the sweet rigs I see my competitor riding. I have a plastic water bottle taped to my handle bars with a bendy straw so I never have to get out of the aero position. Looks super redneck.
I came into this with a plan. I came into this prepared. I had envisioned the entire race in my mind. Having done the course multiple times now I knew what it would take.
Louis Chacon is a consistent powerful time trialist. I knew I needed to take him out of his game. He had the last position following me and would be highly motivated to chase me down. I decided to go all out on the outward leg hoping Luis would trash his legs chasing a lighter, better climber into the wind on a ascending grade.
I was passing competitors all the way out trying to maintain 27mph all the way out. It worked I was still feeling strong when I came to the turn around I saw mr. Chacon at least 30 secs behind me it was time to Go Go Go. I come to the left hand turn and it’s covered in riders no way around them. I had to wait.
I continued to maintain a 26.6 mph I had my computer set up so I knew what my avg was at all times.
At 50 minutes ‘bang’ my inside left thigh cramps bad. If I had been running it would have dropped me. I had to let off the gas and spin. I figured I just lost but I force myself to breath and relax. Fortunately after maybe a minute I felt it relaxing. I pick up my pace as high as I could. I saw the finish line but it never seemed to get closer. I was able to push up to 30 mph the last 1K. I looked back no one insight. My legs hurt so bad I knew I had to keep spinning.
I ask my son how long the guy behind me came in. He said 10 seconds. I though for sure I took second as he had started 30 seconds behind me.
I’ve never push myself that hard or felt so bad afterward. I didn’t even try and find out till Rich called us over for the awards. When I did find out I had won I was beyond happy and surprised. It made the most painfully horrible experience worth every second.


  • Mission

    Aggress is a Tucson-based statewide / regional cycling team formed in January, 2004.
    As a developmental team for both road and mountain bike racing, Aggress continues to actively – yet carefully – recruit according to a philosophy that emphasizes teamwork in both training and racing tactics.
    Our focus is to race as a team, utilizing team tactics to get our man the win. We ride in support of our designated racer, with each member in turn supported in the key event(s) of his choosing.
    We are aggressive when we race, but we behave in a courteous and sportsmanlike manner at all times. We also have team training rides that we utilize throughout the season.