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Have you noticed the Save the Cord Foundation (a 501c3 non-profit) on our shirts? We would like to take a minute and explain why we are so proud to wear this logo. Our good friend, Charis Ober, started the foundation after meeting two extraordinary children who had received life-saving cord blood transplants. One child won a battle with leukemia and the other with sickle cell anemia. They are both living happy and healthy lives thanks to cord blood. It was then that Charis decided that no more cord blood should go to waste. 

Through the years, we have followed Charis on her quest to educate parents about the amazing natural resource. Did you know that over 95% of cord blood is just thrown away as medical waste? True and sad. This a valuable natural resource that is not controversial because it is something that is simply thrown away unless the parent chooses (and often has to insist) that it be saved either publicly or privately. 

When a couple is expecting a baby, they are overwhelmed with information about baby buggies, cribs, nursing techniques, etc. However, we feel like parents really need to get the facts on cord blood like the fact that it is actually being used RIGHT NOW to treat over 70 different diseases. Even the State of Arizona has acknowledged how important it is and they have set up the Arizona Cord Blood Program for public donation of your newborn’s cord blood. If you are expecting, visit Save the Cord Foundation’s website to get unbiased and non-commercial information on cord blood. You can even sign up for a FREE BABY SHOWER REGISTRY and get a free year’s subscription to PREGNANCY MAGAZINE.

Depending on your family’s needs you may choose to donate it or save it privately. You choose but please don’t throw cord blood away. 

We support Save the Cord Foundation in their mission to educate expectant parents! Thank you Save the Cord Foundation for also supporting us in our endeavors. 


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